Photographs 1.00 pt. 0.50 pt. 0.25 pt.
Film: Focusing
Image is sharply focused, clearly emphasizing the subject. Image is softly focused, emphaszing the subject. Image is out of foucs.
Film: Exposure
Film is properly exposed, with details in shadows and highlights. Film is under/over-exposed, with some loss of detail.
Film is under/over-exposed, with loss of detail.
Film: Composition
Image is thoughtfully and creatively composed; follows project parameters. Image is thoughtfully composed with minimal distractions; somewhat follows project parameters. Image is carelessly composed; does not follow project parameters.
Print: Density
Print shows optimal density in shadows, highlights, and midtones. Print is slightly dark/ light; highlights are gray or shadows are thin. Print is too dark/light; appears muddy or washed out.
Print: Contrast Print has optimal contrast with a complete range of black, white, and gray; appears three-dimensional. Print shows good contrast; too much/not enough gray affects dimensionality. Print is flat or contrasty; too much/not enough gray; no dimensionality.
Print: Quality Print is pristine with no creases or scratches; negligible dust. Print shows minimal handling wear/dust that is not distracting. Print shows handling wear/dust that is distracting.