Felician University is an independent co-educational Catholic/Franciscan University founded and sponsored by the Felician Sisters to educate a diverse population of students within the framework of a liberal arts tradition. Its mission is to provide a full complement of learning experiences, reinforced with strong academic and student development programs designed to bring students to their highest potential and prepare them to meet the challenges of the new century with informed minds and understanding hearts. The enduring purpose of Felician University is to promote a love for learning, a desire for God, self knowledge, service to others, and respect for all creation.

The School of Arts and Sciences is committed to promoting the University’s Franciscan-Felician mission by providing an environment that fosters the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of our students. The Liberal Arts curriculum challenges students to explore creative ways of thinking within a broad scope of study that integrates intellectual traditions with essential values. Our diverse programs encourage students to become lifelong learners and compassionate contributors to the well-being of others throughout their lives.

The Art Program at Felician University produces artists with the skills, knowledge, and critical sensibility to effectively communicate ideas through individual forms of expression. Offering a variety of courses in Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Photography and New Media, the Department’s objective is to emphasize the teaching of technique in concert with the critical study of different historical forms of art production, providing a life-long reference of cultural understanding.

Through a rigorous and dynamic curriculum, graduates of the Art Program will be able to implement a variety of creative skills and techniques, as well as produce a range of forms and styles; critique works of art based on their survey knowledge of major historical examples and schools of thought; recognize trends in contemporary cultural thinking; understand the importance of the arts in society; assess their personal strengths and interests; and create and present work suitable for exhibition and publication.  Ultimately, graduates will be able to integrate and synthesize their skills, knowledge, and experience into a powerful career strategy.



3 credits, undergraduate, traditional
Summer II 2019
M-T-TH 8:30-11:10, Martin LL8

Michael J. Nyklewicz, M.A.
Associate Professor

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Updated: 01/16/19




A creative approach to the art of photography, this course emphasizes perceptual awareness and personal expression within the discipline in addition to the technical materials of this contemporary art form. The history of photography is explored through lectures and, time permitting, a New York field trip. Prerequisites: none.

This course satifies GECC Theme Area III - Communication & Expression:

  1. Communicate creatively and aesthetically through writing, speaking, and/or performance
  2. Demonstrate college-level English language competence through reading, writing, and speaking with clarity, coherence, and persuasion
  3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate orally in social and professional situations

In this course, students will:

  • identify the basic functions of a camera (#1)
  • properly and creatively compose a photograph (#1)
  • apply the techniques involved in developing photographic film and paper (#1)
  • evaluate prints for proper density and contrast (#1)
  • critique photographs on both a personal level and from within established criticism (#2)
  • asses their creative process and interpretation of assignments. (#3)

John Ingledew, The Creative Photographer: A Complete Guide to Photography, HNA, 2005 (approx. $30.00, available in the Bookstore).










Week One (06/27)

The Camera and The Lens

Week Two (07/01)
Film Development

Week Three (07/02)
The Contact Sheet

Week Four (07/04)
4th of July - no class

Week Five (07/08)

Week Six (07/09)
The Print

  • Online Lecture: Identity
  • Assignment: I am more than my career
  • The process and equipment for printing photographs
  • Paper choices
  • Preferred chemicals
  • Making a test strip
  • Checking for proper density and contrast
  • Finalizing a print

Week Seven (07/11)

Week Eight (07/15)

  • Contact Sheets due

Week Nine (07/16)

Week Ten (07/18)

Week Eleven (07/22)

  • What Catherine Leroy Saw in Vietnam

  • Consider taking another photography course:
    • ART-274 Color & Digital Photography
    • ART-275 International Visual Studies: Photography
    • ART-322 Photography II

Week Twelve (07/23)
Advanced Printing Techniques

Week Thirteen (07/25)
Photography in a Digital Age

Week Fourteen (07/29)

Week Fifteen (07/30)
Last Day for Printing

Week Sixteen (08/01)
Student Presentations

No work accepted after 08/01




Grades will be based on the criteria found in the GRADING RUBRICS.

  • Semester Projects: 30%
  • Midterm Exam: 18%
  • Final Exam: 14%
  • Contact Sheets: 10%
  • Final Project: 18%
  • Artist's Statement: 10%

Total percentage is 100, which is translated into a letter grade using the standards published in the College Catalog (see below); there is no grading curve.

Felician College operates on the 4.00 grading system and determines the academic standing of students according to the following scale:

Grade Description Numerical Equivalent Quality Points
  A Outstanding 95-100 4.00
  A- Excellent 90-94 3.670
  B+ Very Good 87-89 3.333
  B Good 83-86 3.000
  B- Above Average 80-82 2.670
  C+ Average 77-79 2.333
  C Acceptable 70-76 2.000
  D Poor 65-69 1.000
  F Failure 64 or below 0.000
  FA Failure due to non-attendance 64 or below 0.000




  • All communication of course-related matters will be done only via Felician University email addresses.
  • Please expect to spend time outside of class working on your projects
  • Students are expected to attend all classes. Should you need to miss class for an emergency, please contact me by email, preferably prior to class if possible, but within 36 hours after class. In the event of a missed exam, please also provide documentation prior to taking the make-up exam. Two (2) unexcused absences will lower your final grade by three (3) points; each additional unexcused absence will lower your final grade by three (3) points. After four (4) excused/unexcused absences, you may be asked to withdraw from the course.
  • Please see the Student Handbook for the University's policies on plagiarism and acceptable conduct.
  • All written work will be checked through Turnitin, with revisions allowed based on the Similarity Report.
  • Please refrain from personal use of computers and electronic devices during class.




  • University Wide Policies can be found in the University Catalog.
  • By enrolling in this course, you agree to abide by the Felician University Honor Code, which states you pledge your honor that you will neither give nor receive inappropriate aid on all exams, quizzes, and similar work assigned during the semester.
  • Extenuating circumstances may necessitate a change in the syllabus or schedule. Every effort will be made to provide adequate notice of such changes.