Quiz #2

1.) Please follow all directions exactly.

2.) You are to recreate the designs using the Screen Captures as guides.

3.) Click on the links to download the necessary files.

4.) Ask questions; if I can answer without compromising the exam, I will.

5.) Try your best and good luck.


Page 3

1.) Save this as your index page in a folder titled "page3".

2.) Create a frameset with a left frame and main frame.

3.) Title the frameset "Salvador Dali: Surrealist"

4.) Insert menu.jpg in the left frame; insert dali1.jpg in the main frame.

5.) Create a new page "main2.html" and insert dali2.jpg.

6.) Add an image map (hot spot) to "The Persistence of Memory" on menu.jpg.

7.) Link "The Persistence of Memory" to "main.html", targeted to open in the main frame.

8.) Add a second image map (hot spot) to "Un Chien Andalou" on menu.jpg.

9.) Link "Un Chien Andalou" to "main2.html", targeted to open in the main frame.

10.) Add a third image map (hot spot) to menu.jpg and link "Home" to the main index page, targeted to "_parent".

Screen Capture of Page 3

Additional Screen Capture of Page 3