Reproduce the web pages below by following the directions and using the screen shots as guides for placement; you will not have to use Photoshop.

Control-click or right-click on the links in the directions to download the images.

When finished, AirDrop this folder to nyklewiczm on Mac 301_INS.

Please do not upload the pages, but test to make sure everything works.



1.) Create a folder titled YourLastName_Midterm

2.) Save all pages and image files in this folder

3.) Save this as your index page

4.) Add the page title Geometric Abstraction

5.) Set the following:

6.) Insert image

7.) Draw a diamond-shaped image map around the artwork

8.) Link image map hotspot to the following:


9.) Have link open in a new window

10.) Add the following rollover images:

11.) Add the following links to the rollover images: